how to entertain an old dog

How To Entertain An Old Dog

To be honest, it’s a difficult task to make old dogs happy. They are no longer as energetic as they once were, and their muscles and joints are deteriorating, making it difficult for them to be as excited and energetic as they once were. A Frisbee can keep a puppy occupied for the entire day, but it can deplete your old pal in 15 minutes. I know you go to great lengths to find truly useful answers. Come on, let me show you how to entertain an old dog.

Outdoor activities

There is no dog who does not enjoy going outside to play, and old dogs are no exception. Take as many of your old friends outside as you can if you can.

Hammock rocking

  • Items to be prepared: a hammock (one that can bear the weight of your dog).
  • Budget: $20-$150.
  • Unsuitable for: dogs with hypertension, heart disease, fear of heights, easy to get dizzy.
  • Note: It is important that you must have enough arm and waist strength to safely carry the dog to the hammock while avoiding straining your muscles and joints. When your dog weighs over 20 lbs, it is recommended that you use a team lift.
  • Install a hammock in the yard or outdoors, hoist it and put the dog in.
  • If your dog has never been on a hammock, talk to him to appease him, let him know that you’ re playing with him and make him feel comfortable, just let him get used to it for about 10 minutes, and then shake the hammock slowly and slightly. It will make your dog feel different experience and fun.
  • Make sure the hammock installed sturdily and confirm the load bearing of the hammock in advance.
  • For timid dogs, you can lie in the hammock first, and then let your family members put the dog to the hammock, hug and play together.

Walk the dog around in a trolley

A trolley walk is especially beneficial for old dogs with knuckling symptom, Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD), or joint disease.

  • Items to be prepared: pet trolley. Drinking water and portable dog water bottle.
  • Budget: $70 – $300 for Pet Stroller
  • Suitable for: all senior dogs
  • Note: Only go out when it’s sunny and dry. Walk on flat ground (the rugged road will cause the trolley an uncomfortable shock to the dog).
  • For timid senior dogs, try to use trolley with full roof, so that the dog will feel safer.
  • For bold and lively senior dogs, you can use a topless trolley, which can release their extroverted personality more.
  • Do put some soft and smooth anti-skid mats in the trolley, so that the dog can stably lie down or sit on the trolley.

Take the dog to go boating

  • Items to be prepared: boat (which can bear the weight of your dog), dog’s life jacket.
  • Budget: $19 – $90 for Dog life jacket.
  • Unsuitable for: dogs afraid of water, dogs suffering dermatosis or trauma
  • Be sure to keep the dog in your sight while riding to make sure the dog is safe at all times.
  • For a brave dogs, you can choose the seat order of the dog in front and the person sitting behind the dog rowing, so that he can enjoy the scenery on the water and smell the smell in the water.
  • For timid dogs, you can sit face to face with your dog, so that the dog can see you at all times and enjoy the fun of boating with peace of mind.
  • The dog must always be accompanied on the boat. It is quite dangerous to leave the dog alone on the boat. Even a brave dog should be accompanied on the boat.

Indoor activities

When the weather is bad or you don’t have enough time to take your dog outdoors, find some fun indoors for your old pal is a good choice.

Teach your old pal to use buttons

  • Items to be prepared: pet buttons
  • Budget: $20~$50 for buttons
  • Unsuitable for: dementia, blind, deaf or disabled dogs that cannot perceive buttons normally

More and more people are trying to teach their puppies to use buttons, can you teach an older dog to use buttons? Without a doubt. Your older dog has a deep understanding of your voice, words and facial expressions after years of companionship. As long as you help your dog to associate the specific things with the corresponding buttons and repeat it several times, he will be able to master the skills of using buttons as well. The senior dog needs to tell his owner what he wants at any time. Teach your older dog to push the button to ask for poop, eat, and go out to play, so that he needs can be met immediately.

Sniff treasure hunt

  • Items to be prepared: Sniffing pad
  • Budget: $15-30 for Sniffing Pad
  • Suitable for: all senior dogs

Sniffing is one of a dog’s favorite activities, even an older dog will also be energized to sniff until he gets his beloved treats and toys.

In terms of experience, the sniffing pad is more acceptable to dogs than the leaking ball, which in the eyes of fearful dogs is a squeaking and moving monster. The sniffing pad looks like a fancy rug on the ground, and the dog can step on it at will to sniff and dig without being scared by a rolling leaking ball.

You can either purchase it or make it yourself. There are numerous styles. An example is shown in the image below.

Before inviting your old pal on a treasure hunt, hide toys or treats he’ll enjoy in the sniffing pad, don’t bury treasure under his nose, and invite your old pal to play only after you’ve placed all the surprise treasures. Please reward him when he discovers a toy, and if he discovers a snack, he will gladly consume it. No dog can resist the temptation to sniff the treasures in the pad, so let your old dog focus on the sniffing treasure hunt.

Which of the game has your dog tried? Which of these is his favorite? Share with us in the comments below, and let us know if you tried any other fun games with your old pal. I eagerly await your story.

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